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Often times the difference between a well-rounded golfer and a one-dimensional hacker is the ultimate equalizer in golf circles: the short game. Southwest Greens knows a little about the critical nature of the short game, and even more about how to excel at it. That’s why the savviest golfers are bringing their short game home with them courtesy of one of our backyard putting greens. A home putting green made from the finest synthetic turf on the market eliminates excuses and promises to shrink your handicap through the force of sheer convenience.

Backyard Putting GreensConsider your typical routine when it’s time to hit the practice green. Now throw it out the window. With a golf green to call your own you’ll instantly eliminate your routine and begin a new one consisting solely of walking out your back door. No more loading up your gear and navigating through traffic only to pay unneeded fees at the nearest practice facility. Installing outdoor putting greens is quick and easy, but not as easy as it will be to access the game you love at a moment’s notice. Often times the difference between good and great is one’s will to put in the practice time. In terms of your short game, the will to practice will only be surpassed by the ease of which you’ll be able to. Your game can only benefit as a result.

The benefits of installing a backyard green go beyond the ones you’ll see in your game. Consider for a moment not only the aesthetic value one will add to your backyard but also the increased market value it’s certain to bring. Share your new toy with those closest you, and make your backyard a desired destination for family and friends. And when it comes time for maintenance you’ll be reminded of the greatest gift of all… the fact that there is none. No mowing no watering, no fertilizing, ever. Just a pristine green 365 days a year on which to practice the game you love.

If you’re serious about the game of golf and you don’t mind doing the work to become better, it makes sense to bring the game home with you. Make your backyard the cornerstone of your game while adding value to your home in a unique and exciting way. It’s within your reach, and just out the back door, with a little help from Southwest Greens.

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