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When considering the square footage of living space in their home, many families often forget to include the potential oasis waiting just outside the back door. A backyard done right is more than just a backyard. It is quite literally an extension of your living space. All American Pool and Patio encourages you to discover how the right outdoor patio furniture, outdoor patio lighting, and other critical elements can transform an average backyard into a true extension of the areas you can relax and unwind any time of day or night.

Patio Accent PiecesAs with any other area in your home, the design choices you make should reflect the tastes that most define your personality. Will it be wicker or wrought iron patio furniture? Are hammocks or outdoor fire pits a possibility? The truth is that there is an endless array of patio accessories from which to choose, and that’s half the fun! Outdoor patio and lawn furniture from industry leaders including Tropitone, Meadowcraft and Mallin and Treasure Garden assure that the tables, chairs, umbrellas and more that you choose from are as durable and long lasting as they are stylish and comfortable. A diverse inventory promises a number of looks to choose from. In other words, whatever your personal tastes, we’re certain we can help you reflect it in the look of your patio and backyard.

When you think about it, a patio and backyard that go unused is really just wasted space. Even if used rarely or primarily for entertaining, a patio and yard done right should engender a relaxing feeling, and be pleasing to the eye in terms of both the yard itself as well as how it is accented through the furniture choices you’ve made. Do your patio and backyard pass the relaxation test? Is either aesthetically pleasing? More importantly, are they an extension of your living space or something altogether separate? If the answer is no to any or all of the above, it may be time to give a little love to these areas.

Maximize one of the places that make a house a home by outfitting your patio and backyard with furniture from All-American Pool and Patio. In the process you’re sure to not only create not only an extension of your living space, but also an extension of you.

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