Environmental Sustainability

Do You Know?

When it comes to carbon footprints, comparison cannot be made between natural grass and southwest greens artificial grass and synthetic turf. Envylawn products are made with fibers and Duraflo backing that are lead free and 100% recyclable. Our turfs are designed with safety, durability, aesthetics, and environmental sustainability in mind. What more, southwest greens artificial grass system for home landscaping can save a whopping 200,000 liter of water per year.

  • No Watering – conserves water and eliminates impact on water resources
  • No Mowing – saves millions of liters of gas a year and stops air and noise pollution
  • No Grass Clippings – reduction in landfill greenhouse effect
  • No Fertilizing – helps in the reduction of methane gases
  • No Pesticides, fungicides and herbicides that harms ground water
  • No standing water to attract insects
  • No Seeding
  • No Aerating
  • No Lead
  • 100% Recyclable